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Aaron Torres Pod: Coaching carousel updates at LSU, USC, Florida, Virginia Tech and MORE!

It's Wednesday and with a slow week in college sports, Aaron decides to do a MEGA college football coaching carousel reset, looking at the situations at LSU, USC, Florida and Virginia Tech. Here's a full rundown of today's show:

Fact from fiction at LSU: Aaron opens the show by breaking down all the crazy rumors at LSU. Aaron explains why he buys the narrative that Oklahoma's Lincoln Riley could be interested, before diving into the rest of the candidates (3:30). Why one report indicates Mel Tucker might be out (19:00) and why Jimbo Fisher is trending that way as well. Also, a new candidate that LSU knows will say yes (28:00).

Updates on the situations at USC, Florida and Virginia Tech: Finally, Aaron wraps by discussing the fluid situations at USC, Florida and Virginia Tech (34:00). He explains why there may be a new top candidate at USC (37:00) and why the smartest thing for Florida might to be *keep* Dan Mullen (48:00). Also, Aaron discusses the "dormant volcano" program Virginia Tech, which he believes can compete at the top of the league with the right coach. So who should they go after? Aaron has some answers (59:00).

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