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Aaron Torres Pod: Bama loses, why there are no great teams this season, Red River insanity, PSU-Iowa

We had an ALL-TIME Saturday and Aaron is here to recap it all: He talks Alabama's loss to A&M, Bama's one problem and why it might not get fixed. He also shares his theory on why there's no great teams this season. Plus reaction to an insane Red River game, PSU-Iowa and who is the best team in the Big Ten? Here's a full rundown:

Alabama loses, why the Tide could be in trouble + why there are no great teams this year: Aaron opens the show by discussing the truly shocking Alabama loss to Texas A&M (1:30). Aaron explains why he believes Alabama isn't just going to figure out its problems this year (7:00) and the one reason they have taken a step back (11:00). Also, Aaron shares his theory as to why there appear to be no great teams (outside of maybe Georgia) this year. His reasons might surprise you (17:00).

Red River Rivalry, Oklahoma's playoff chances + Big Ten's best team: From there Aaron continues with a historic weekend. He discusses an ALL-TIME Red River game, Caleb Williams vs. Spencer Rattler and why all of a sudden Oklahoma is in the driver's seat to make the playoff (30:30). Plus, Penn State-Iowa reaction (45:00) and a conversation on who whether Iowa, Penn State (if healthy), Ohio State or Michigan is the best team in the Big Ten (52:30). Finally, some quick thoughts on Coach O post Kentucky, Mark Stoops continued rise, Arkansas-Ole Miss and much more.

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